We specialize in both commercial and residential property damage claims. Avant separates from competition in how we process and handle property claims. Avant’s property claim process has 5 steps to a successful claim.


A trained Avant Inspector begins preparing photographic evidence with an initial damage assessment at the property prior to filing the claim with insurance. This inspection and photo documentation allows us to review claims as a team and avoid filing claims in error. We take pride in handling valid claims and seek to reduce filing errant claims through our initial inspection process.


When filing a claim it is highly important to understand the coverages provided through the insurance policy to allow for maximization of receivable benefits during the claim process. From Ordinance and Law Coverage, to Rental Reimbursement, to Actual Cash Value Endorsements, Avant reviews the policy to ensure no coverage is missed.


In every property claim the most important question is “How much is it worth?”. Insurance companies will ALWAYS look to pay the least amount possible to settle the loss. Avant’s estimation system values the loss in a way that allows for the proper restoration work to be done profitably and properly so no corners are cut and the loss is estimate fairly for the policyholder.


When insurance companies inevitably undervalue claims Avant uses our documentation and experience to negotiate on behalf of the policyholder’s rights. This can slow the claim process, but is the most important part of having representation. Don’t Settle For Less!


Avant’s extensive network of contractors can be trusted to restore your property back to pre-loss condition. These contractors allow Avant to become an integral part of your claim without increasing your out of pocket expense! When the work has been completed Avant handles all the back end billing and payments reducing the workload for the policyholder and the overhead expense of large construction projects.


Hail typically doesn’t cause any immediate leaking but will cause you a lot of future issues if not taken care of. Make sure to call Avant for a free property inspection anytime your home is hit by hail.


A missing shingle is obvious wind damage. However, you could have more wind damage than you think. It’s best to have an expert inspect the damages before doing any repairs.


Coming home to relax after a long day to inches of water destroying what you have worked hard for is a very stressful experience. It happens everyday. Let us take the stress off your plate. We’ll handle the entire process to get your home back to pre loss condition.

We offer free property inspections and claim reviews!